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Whole & Skim Colostrum Powders

Colostrum Europe AB offers the following APS Biogroup Bulk colostrum powders

The following colostrum varieties are available in our warehouse, all in 20 kilogram boxes:

  • Whole Colostrum Powder:
  • APS45-18FI
  • Skim Colostrum Powders:
  • APS60-20i
  • APS60-20i BPP Immulox
  • APS70-30i

APS´ competitive advantage is using an agglomeration process, in addition to instantizing, to ensure consistent particle size that allows colostrum to quickly dissolve in liquids. This process makes colostrum more appropriate for a variety of products, capsules, tablets and for mixing into dairy based or sports nutrition formulations, beverages, cosmetics and other human or animal consumption applications.

APS bulk colostrum powders are packaged in 20 kilogram boxes with a double polyethylene liner.

All APS colostrum powders have a shelf life of three years.

Whole colostrum powder

Whole colostrum powder is colostrum in its most natural state. Nothing is added or taken away except water. APS BioGroup uses proprietary processes to stabilize the natural colostrum oils in whole colostrum. This enables APS whole colostrum powders to have a three year shelf life.

Skim colostrum powders

Colostrum Europe AB offers a vast portfolio of standardized and high protein skim colostrum powders. These low fat colostrum powders are available with different immunoglobulin levels.